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Agency Sponsor

Rich Dooley, AICP
Community Energy Coordinator
Arlington Initiative to Rethink Energy (AIRE)
Arlington County Department of Environmental Services

Program Administrator

Brian McCarter
Chief Executive Officer
Sustainable Real Estate Solutions, Inc.

Program Overview

Project financing, which requires no taxpayer funds, is crucial to meeting Arlington’s public policy goals, which seek to reduce energy costs, increase renewable energy deployment, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and create local jobs.

For building owners, the Arlington C-PACE (Program) solves important financial hurdles by providing:

  • 100% financing (up to 25-year term; no out-of-pocket costs);
  • Competitive, fixed interest rates; and
  • Project qualification is based on building finances, not the owner’s credit, net worth or personal guarantee.

Projects are typically cash flow positive to the owner.

All projects have multiple participants including government officials, building owners, contractors, capital providers and any bank which holds a first mortgage. Each of these stakeholders has an important role to play in the development and implementation of a successful project.

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